Midas On Tour With Randy Travis

I had the unique pleasure of working with some true mixing legends this weekend. Terry Heitland (FOH) and Cory Stone (monitors) brought their Midas Heritage 3000s into the showroom along with their expertise and some great stories. I had spoken with Cory a month or so before advancing Mel and Pam Tillis and was certainly looking forward to meeting with him. All of the players were using in ear monitoring with a couple of great tricks designed by Cory for the stage. Randy used a pair of Clair 12AM wedges downstage, which were clear enough and loud enough to hear a pin drop through Randy’s mic. There were also some brilliantly placed butt kickers through out the risers to give an element of speaker vibrations. The men in the band were all super nice guys with all the Nashville licks and twang it takes to build a country supergroup. The thing that surprised me the most of the setup, was that the drum mics were mounted on the rack before the toms. Turned out the drummer was a pretty heavy studio guy and really knew how to get the sound he was looking for. All visible mics were Audio Technica, and I imagine any others I may have missed probably were as well.

As we were tying in their system and building the stage, Terry was out front sending pink noise all around to tune his Lake processing with our Outline Butterfly line array. At line check, I was startled by the clarity of the drums. They didn’t even sound real, more like samples. When things sound too perfect, you almost have to question the source. By sound check, the system sounded like a dream. I asked Terry what he used before the Midas……API Paragon P40. We talked for quite a while about those big giant master pieces of technology and when John McBride brought a pair of them in for Martina’s show last year some time. He told about how he would judge a show by how many panels underneath he had to remove to get or keep the show going, “was it a 1 panel show or a 6 panel show?”…

(One night) “Our road manager had to go on stage to tell Randy and the band to stop, because they couldn’t be heard.  All the audience could hear was the 60 Hz. hum at about 100db auto panning left, right, left.
I stood in a pool of sweat about 5 minutes until I decided to un-assign Randy’s vocal mic from the VCA and route directly to the stereo bus.  (It’s always the lead vocal)  Good to go.  And the show went on…”

Terry and Cory,.. thanks for the conversation, the lessons and a great show..Good luck my friendsIMG_0804IMG_0802

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